AEI information platform centralizes data for analysis of regional home price indices

AEI (American Enterprise Institute) Housing Center has raised the bar on providing information to anyone looking to analyze regional home prices with their launch of a quarterly dataset. Their most recent tally ( ) has housing data on 60 of the largest metropolitan areas, as well as national statistics.

Their platform contains information compiled from a variety of sources, into a free, centralized platform, to include: Average Sales prices, Days on Market, Months Supply of Inventory, HPA (both since 2012 and over last year), New Construction share of homes, the AEI proprietary Mortgage Risk Index (MRI), and an AEI home price index. (BTW - I'd encourage anyone interested in home price analysis to hear AEI's monthly updates on their Mortgage Risk Index and to sign up for their Oct 24-25 Conference on Housing Markets and Finance.)

I've been using some of their information to inform my decisions about OTC home price index agreements that I'm trying advance on the HPHF (Home Price Hedging Fund) platform. With HPHF and this expansive AEI dataset, I'd like to believe that hedging home price index risk is ready to move beyond the ten CME regional contracts to a much more extensive list of cities. (As an example, see June 18th blog that highlighted how Cleveland home price risk might be hedged.)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this blog, the AEI platform, or any aspect of hedging home price index risk.

Thanks, John