Feb 2020 (so referencing year-end 2019) puts

I’ve posted quotes at the CME for puts on the ten regional Case Shiller home price contracts (and the 10-city index) that expire in Feb 2020.  Recall that these options will settle on the value of the Case Shiller index released that month, and that that index references data through year-end 2019.

I’ve picked strikes that are close to the closing value of the referenced futures contract.  Upon request, I’m happy to discuss puts at different (5-point interval) strikes.  (Different expirations can also be structured.  I’ve chosen the Feb ’20 contracts as they can be part of the “where are home prices headed in 2019” discussion.)

Note also, that I’ve started entering quotes on calls.  I’ll fill out the balance of the table over time, or if there’s interest on a particular contract.

I’ve not found many brokers that will allow users to trade these options.  Insignia Futures (contact Joe Fallico) is one broker if you are interested.  My $100 reward for anyone steering me to a futures broker that would allow for retail trading of these options, is also still alive.

Beyond these 11 contracts, I’m also open to discussing options on other home price indices for OTC (over-the-counter) trades.  Please contact me (johnhdolan@homepricefutures.com) if you have any particular index in mind, that you’d like to hedge (long or short), or if you have any questions about this blog.

Thanks,  John