Revisiting ways to play the impact of a lower “Mortgage Interest Deduction” (MID

I had previously written about possible ways for market participants to play the impact of the prospects to changes in the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) in a blog on Oct 21 .    Since this remains a timely topic, I again want to offer two opportunities for fans of the NAR’s … Read More

Impact of “neutering” of mortgage deduction on home prices. A trading opportunity?

The Wall Street Journal had an article Tuesday morning (see link) titled “Mortgage Break Faces Irrelevancy” which outlined possible impacts from proposed tax changes.  The author (Laura Kusisto) quoted several sources each of whom suggested that, under the current proposal, fewer taxpayers would be able to take advantage … Read More

BOS-Patriots Day Graph

I mentioned earlier on my LinkedIn Group (CME Case Shiller home price futures) that I’ll be speaking this week at Babson College about these contracts.  Between that, it being Patriot’s Day (a holiday in Boston when they run the Boston Marathon, among other things), and my desire to post a … Read More