Paris Futures

Nov 8, 2018 -No update from Euronext on launch of Paris home price contact.  A checklist before trading might include:

  • Getting regulatory approval
  • Identifying market makers
  • Public source of contract info (Euronext website)
  • Making sure futures can be traded on popular futures-trading platforms (e.g. InterActive Brokers)
  • Launch announcement, with suggested levels, research from market makers

I’ll update readers as I hear of developments.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Meantime, here’s some resources:

Link to Compass Website for information on Paris home price index – Historical information can be downloaded from their site.

Compass Press Release on new index for Paris home prices

Compass (Paris Home Price Index Provider) Methodology

Euronext Futures Fact Sheet – Draft (Not finalized)

Graphs of Paris index with comparison to Case Shiller 10-city index (need to align release dates)