Jan Recap posted

I posted a recap of activity in the CME Case Shiller (home price index) Futures for the month of January to the Reports section (or you can click here).

The highlights of the month include:

  • Increase in volume (albeit only from 8 to 15)
  • Modest increase in OI
  • Slight uptick in average prices (more so in SFR, less in SDG)
  • Large tightening in bid/ask spreads across numerous regions and expirations
  • New page showing selected intercity spread quotes
  • New table showing mid-mid % price difference (~HPA) by year, from 2014-2018 across all contracts

I also posted on page 2 a notice that the CME has posted the CUS contract (but not the regions) on their website.  (Regional prices may take a some time.)  While not the “free” bids and offers that some traders were used to from 2012, this effort puts the housing contracts at parity on free price information disclosed with other CME contracts.  (It’s up to us to fill in changes).

Enjoy the recap.  If you find this of value, please feel free to donate to my Bitcoin account (see bottom of homepage).

As always, if you have any questions, or would like to see some particular area discussed, or trade idea touted, in more detail, contact me at johnhdolan@homepricefutures.com