CME Case Shiller future post today’s #’s

CME prices were mixed following this morning’s release of the Nov ’15 Case Shiller indices. The table below shows prices (as of earlier this morning) on the Nov ’16 contracts for all ten regions (plus the HCI/CUS 10-city index).  Note that prices are modestly lower for BOS and LAV, but higher for MIA and SFR.

Bid/ask spreads are slightly wider, but I hope to tighten them up by the end of the day (or by month-end).

While there were a number of trades yesterday (with SDG getting most of the attention) there have been no trades today (as of this writing).

Keeping with my focus on options, I’d note that HCIX17 200puts are quoted 4.0/5.5 5×5.  (I’d love to get something started in options).

Post Jan CS

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