CME activity post June 28 CS #’s

Quotes on the CME Case Shiller futures are mixed, are on-balance slightly higher, generally with some bid/ask widening.  The combination of 25+ moves on the SP 500  contracts, the strong seasonal summer factors, and very low input from other traders has made reeling bid/ask spreads back into the prior day’s levels a bit of a challenge.  Any help before posting month-end prices would be appreciated.

The table below shows yesterday and today’s markets across the 11 “regions”. (To this trader) the LAX and SFR Case Shiller numbers were weaker than expected while BOS and WDC were stronger (although WDC #’s (and CHI) for last month were revised higher).

Post June CS

Bid/ ask spread are wider for on 10 of the 11 contracts.  There have been no outright trades (yet) today.

Spreads are wider across regions and expirations (as Post June summarysummarized in the table below.

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