April price changes pre next week’s CS #’s

I’ve posted a table of prices (and price changes for the month of April) in the Reports section (click here) so that traders can see change in market sentiment since my last month-end recap.

Quotes, both bids and offers, are up across all contracts.  Apr 24 changes(As there are about 100 bids and 80 offers posted the +121 points across all contracts works out to about 1.2 points higher bids and 1.5 points higher offers).

Bid/ask spreads have widened on the front two expirations (which is unusual as we get closer to expiration) but have tightened in the Nov ’17 expiration.


Some regions (e.g. BOS, WDC) show bid/ask spread tightening, while others (e.g. LAX, SFR) show wider markets.

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