What Homeowners (and markets) are thinking

Pulsenomics recently published their semi-annual survey of homeowners. (You can order a complementary copy here ).  The 18-page feb-17_18-ao-sept-17-2016report is chock-full of surveys (using great graphics) on what people think about home ownership, willingness to buy, and (importantly for traders here) outlook on prices.   The survey participants are divided into … Read More

Quarterly Pulsenomics home price survey

The results of 3rd quarterly home price survey by Pulsenomics have recently been released https://pulsenomics.com/Q3_2016_HPE_Survey.php.  (Disclosure – I am a survey contributor).

I have a few observations on the numbers (as shown in table below):

  • Mean/Median expectations for 2016 are much higher.  This may be a function of higher stock
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Aiming at Q14: Zillow forecasts vs bid/ask

Since so much of the CME Case Shiller futures trading takes place in the front contract, readers should be aware of any tools to help them in their projections of near-forward Case Shiller values.  One of the best resources is the publicly available Zillow Real Estate Reserach blog http://www.zillow.com/research/april-2014-case-shiller-forecast-6997/ (… Read More