Recap post CS #’s, April Month-end report

Prices for Case Shiller futures largely tracked changes in the index numbers released Tuesday (April 30th) morning.  The California markets were generally stronger, while DEN and CHI lagged on weaker index numbers.  Mid-market levels for the California (and LAV, MIA) contracts continue to improve, while the northern markets (BOS, CHI, … Read More

Basics – CUS 10 v CUS 20

A number of people interested in following the Case Shiller indices have focused on the 20-city index. While this is a broader index, the CME contracts are on the 10-city index.  Therefore, if you’re going to trade the CUS contract, it’s important to know the differences between the two indices.… Read More

Washington follows us!

One of my personal highlights of the recent Treasury meeting to address housing problems was to discover that HUD has been following the CME futures markets – and uses changes in the prices of forward contracts as indications of changes in sentiment on forward home prices. 

This graph, that shows … Read More