Sept CME Case Shiller Futures/Options update -27 trades

I just posted a recap of activity during September in the CME Case Shiller home price futures (and options) contracts.    You can find the recap in the Reports section or link here.  The recap cover 27 pages and includes an updated section where information unique to each regional contract (e.g. graphs, prices, volume, open interest, implied HPA and suggested put offering levels) are presented on a separate page for each region.  (See example below).


The highlights of the report include:

–There were 20 futures contracts traded in Sept across 5 regions and 6 expirations on 7 dates.

–Bids and offers generally rose across most regions and expirations (except MIA), particularly after Sept 26 CS #’s.

–Bid/ask spreads tightened dramatically, particularly in longer contracts. However, spreads remain wider-than-normal in front contract (~2pts).

–There were bids in all 121 contracts, and  two-sided quotes in all contracts out to Nov ’18, and then X19 and X20.

–OI remained flat at 45 as several trades appeared to be unwinds.

–For example, close out of SFRX20 open interest led to wtd. avg.  of OI to drop from 1.20 years to 0.92.

–OI remains very concentrated in November expirations (82%).

–There were 7 option trades, again in DENG18.P2000.

Please feel free to review and share (via sending links) the recap.  Feel free to contact me ( to discuss the themes addressed in this report.


Thanks,  John