Recap of June CME Case Shiller Futures -June 2018

A recap of activity in the CME Case Shiller home price index futures has been posted to the Reports section.  You can click here to access.  The recap includes end-of-month prices, and price changes for the last month, tables on volume, open interest, intercity spread and calendar spread markets, as well as suggested one-year put option quotes.

Additionally, a few new pages have been added to the Reports section to include: Volume in Case Shiller futures since 2006, Open Interest since 2006, and graphs linking historical Case Shiller data with contract prices, for each of the 11 regions.  In addition, the mid-June regional review had suggested option pricing for multiple strikes and expirations by region.

Here are the key point from the recap:

–There were 15 futures contracts traded in June in 3 regions (DEN, LAV, and SFR) across 5 expirations.  There were no options trades.

–Activity picked up with especially in SFR with 9 trades and the tightest bid/ask spreads.  The SFRX22 contract was quoted much of the month with <3 point bid/ask spread.

–For June, bids and offers were higher across many regions (except NYM, which fell ~2 points).  Much of the move took place after CS #’s were released on June 26th.

–For the first time in a few years, there were 2-sided quotes in all 121 contracts.

–Bid/ask spreads widened slightly across all expirations.

–Longer-dated contract bids rose, raising implied HPAs, albeit from still very low prior levels.

–OI on futures rose to 39.  There are three regions (BOS, MIA and WDC with no OI.)

–Home price index futures contract for Paris to be rolled out this fall.

–I’ve received inquiries on hedging Seattle risk.  Looking for OTC counterparties.

–Added to Reports website section – Vol/OI since 2006, price graphs on all contracts

Please feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions on this recap, or any aspect of hedging home price index risk.

Thanks,  John

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