Recap of June CME activity posted

I posted a recap of activity in the CME Case Shiller home price futures contracts for June.    You can access in the Reports section or via this link.

The 28-page report contains numerous tables and graphs of relevant information, including a section with graphs, prices and put option quotes by region.  For example this table shows price changes (aggregated across expirations) by region, and the change in spreads (positive is tighter) by region, for contracts with two-sided markets in both May and June.

Highlights from the recap include:

–There were (at least) 13 futures contracts traded in June across 3 regions and 3 expirations on 5 dates.   (I’m missing details on one trade)

–OI grew to 51 (from 48). OI remains very front-loaded (1.20 years, average-to-expiration) and remains concentrated in the November expiration cycle (69%).

–Bids and offers generally fell across most regions and expirations.  Offers dropped on Aug ’17 contracts after the June release of CS #’s suggested that Aug contracts had been priced too optimistically.  Lower front contract prices tended to translate into even bigger drops on longer-dated contracts, thereby lowering implied HPA.

– Bid/ask spreads (on contracts that had two-sided markets in both April and May month-end) tightened slightly.

–There are two-sided bids in all contracts out to Nov ’18, but then primarily just bids (as changes in those levels drive closing prices).

–There were no options trades (but a spreadsheet of put option quotes across all regions, and for a variety of strikes,  for X17-X18 contracts was posted in a separate blog

Feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions or trade ideas.