35 LAX Nov ’14 puts trade

The CME housing markets saw the first sizeable options trade in years on Wednesday as 35 LAXX14/ 200 strike puts crossed at 1.5 points (w/ a followup market of 1.0-2.0).  (FYI – my sense is that LAXX14 was 225.6/228.6 at the time.)  It has been about two years since options … Read More

Inter City Spreads for Longer Expirations -4 Nov ’17 IC spreads

Friday I teed up ten intercity day orders for the May ’13 contracts.  While I’m open to continuing that discussion, today I want to focus on the other end of the expirations -the Nov ’17 contracts.

Unlike the May ’13 contracts where near-term outright price forecasts might cover a narrow … Read More