CME Case Shiller Futures Product Introduction updated

In anticipation of the roll-out of electronic option quotes on all 11 regional CME Case Shiller home price index contracts in early February, I updated my “Introduction to CME Case Shiller Futures” piece.  You can find it in the Reports section or link here.

Readers who have followed my monthly recap will recognize many of the pages.  I’ve combined pages from recent recaps with some of the (timeless) pages from the earlier report into primarily statistical reports, graphs and tables,  that highlight the CME contracts at this point in time.  I’ll leave discussion as to why there’s been so little volume, or how to break the chicken-and-egg cycle to future blogs.

My intention is to have the “Introduction” piece evolve over time, either as readers find errors, or as I find new ways to illustrate activity.

Feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions on either this report, or any aspect of ideas on how to hedge home prices.