Links to discussions of regional home price forecasts

While the CUS-10 city index is the most actively traded contract, and the one that typically has the tightest bid/ask spreads, and while there is a long list of companies that analyze home price fundamentals and/or predict forward home prices at both national levels and for a variety of regions (e.g. Zillow, Trulia, CoreLogic), there are ten regional contracts that could use some additional attention.  Many “macro” perspective firms are listed in the Resources section (see left side of home page).  To give the regional markets more attention, and hopefully foster more debate,  I decided to add a section on the home page (see Regional Analysis) with links to bloggers who tend to focus on just their particular local area.

As with my other posts, I’m not espousing a view, on say the Boston market.  I just want traders in the BOS contract to know that a resource exists where they can get some more detailed flavor on the local debate about the future of home prices in a particular region.   Longer term, I’d love to see any debate played out in discussions (best on the CME group – CME Case  Shiller Futures) or better still, with another trader contributing to market making for that one contract, if in function, not name.

Again, I’m happy to stir the pot and tout any discussions/ axes.  The list of links that I posted is just a short list of what I’ve read in the past.  If anyone has other links that they’d like to have posted please contact me at  I’d love to have a long list of links for all 10 regions.