Basics -Home Price quote systems (Bloomberg, etc.)

“They” say that you can’t tell the players without a scorecard.  I’ve had the question asked -where do I get a “scorecard”?  That is, how do I follow the prices on these contracts.

While this should probably fall under the FAQs category, I’ve tended to use the Basics category for anyone looking for information on the contracts so I’ll post this there also.

Combining these symbols with real-time links (the old BLP functions) will allow a trader to follow contracts at his/her desktop.

For those who have commodity systems E-Quotes from the CME is another great link for real-time access.  (I use E-Quotes).

Finally, I’ve had discussions with CQG and they also tell me that they can provide a real-time feed for CME Home Price futures.

I hope that this helps.  If anyone has other suggestions, please circle back to me and I’ll share with the world.