Eurex Commercial Property Derivatives- lessons to be learned?

Those interested in seeing how other property market derivatives have evolved might it interesting to review the Eurex Property Derivatives Market.  See link.   These contracts are based on the total returns of MSCI-IPD UK Quarterly Indices for individual calendar years.  The contract terms are outlined here.  I’m told that the … Read More

Impact of “neutering” of mortgage deduction on home prices. A trading opportunity?

The Wall Street Journal had an article Tuesday morning (see link) titled “Mortgage Break Faces Irrelevancy” which outlined possible impacts from proposed tax changes.  The author (Laura Kusisto) quoted several sources each of whom suggested that, under the current proposal, fewer taxpayers would be able to take advantage … Read More

What property derivative markets need: buyers of longer expirations/ innovative formats

I sent this letter to participants in the Real Estate Derivative Summit being held in Zurich this week.  While that was a conference focused on commercial real estate derivatives, and primarily focused on Europe, my sense was that there might be overlap between their goals and some of the work … Read More

Sept CME Case Shiller Futures/Options update -27 trades

I just posted a recap of activity during September in the CME Case Shiller home price futures (and options) contracts.    You can find the recap in the Reports section or link here.  The recap cover 27 pages and includes an updated section where information unique to each regional contract … Read More

CME Futures -post Sept release of Case Shiller #’s

Quotes on the CME  Case Shiller home price index futures are marginally higher this afternoon (relative to yesterday, and as measured by mid-market values) after this morning’s release of the Case Shiller indices.  The biggest gain took place in the LAXX18 contract (where there was one trade today).  DENX18 is … Read More

Mid-month option update

There’s have been 7 options trades this month (to go with 10 from August).

Here’s a table of my suggested offering labels.  (Note table was updated for current spot values on Sept 21).  Again, given the huge number of potential contracts (combining strikes, expirations, puts and calls) I’m only going … Read More